Summer SAR Pack – Search and Rescue Pack Essential Items

Search and Rescue Pack

Summer Edition

Every Search and Rescue team member that ventures into the forests in search of a missing person always runs the risk of becoming a victim him/herself.

Anything can happen from a freak storm that blows in to slipping down an embankment and injuring your leg. Every member MUST be self sufficient. Whenever you have to “borrow” from a teammate, you have now depleted that teammates resources.

Below you will find a guideline to a SUMMER SAR Pack. This list contains the “basics”. You may prefer to add items based on your personal experience. 

Summer SAR/Survival Pack

35 liter-65 liter Hiking Pack
Survival Kit
Medical Kit
Gore Tex Shell and Pants
Middle Layer/Belay Jacket
Extra Base Layer
Work or Ropes Gloves
Toboggan/ Hat
Chap Stick
Goggles or Eye Protection
Ground Pad
1 Liter H20 Bottles/Bags x 2
2000+ calories food
Carabiners x 2-6
4,5,6mm Prussiks
Webbing 25’ or climbing harness
30’ Green 8mm cord
Kask Helmet
Head Lamp
Extra Light with extra batteries
3 Blue Cymlights

Go Bag

Hiking Boots (may be leather, but should be
treated or waterproofed, stiffer soles better)
(appropriate for
the season and terrain)
Base Layer, top and bottom (wicking, synthetic,
non-cotton underwear, appropriate for the season)
Non-Cotton T Shirt
None Cotton Pants
Extra Middle Layer
Extra Hat
Socks x 2 pairs
Sock Liners x 2 pairs
Extra Personal Ropes Gear
Radio (Charger if extended deployment)
Work Gloves
Trekking Poles
Small Butane Stove
Metal Cup to Boil Water
Hand Saw
Water Purification System
Extra Food

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