Search Rescue Pack-Master Pack List

The effectiveness of wilderness rescue relies on the ability of all team members to be self-reliant in the wilderness for operational periods of up to 24 hours in potentially isolated areas with rough terrain and severe weather.

Below is a compilation from multiple sources with my own added opinions. This list is not an “all inclusive” list (how much can you fit into a backpack anyway?), but It will get you thru the next 24 hours in most cases.

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Summer SAR Pack – Search and Rescue Pack Essential Items

Search and Rescue Pack Summer Edition Every Search and Rescue team member that ventures into the forests in search of a missing person always runs the risk of becoming a victim him/herself. Anything can happen from a freak storm that blows in to slipping down an embankment and injuring your leg. Every member MUST be

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Lithium Ion 18650 batteries – Find out more!

Lithium Ion 18650 batteries – What are they? Lithium Ion 18650 batteries have been around for years. Even though the Lithium Ion 18650 style is not “new”, many people are still unfamiliar with them. I will break down what they are, the pros, cons, and if you had the option to purchase an item that

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