Search Rescue Pack-Master Pack List

The effectiveness of wilderness rescue relies on the ability of all team members to be self-reliant in the wilderness for operational periods of up to 24 hours in potentially isolated areas with rough terrain and severe weather.

Below is a compilation from multiple sources with my own added opinions. This list is not an “all inclusive” list (how much can you fit into a backpack anyway?), but It will get you thru the next 24 hours in most cases.

MsFORCE HL-350 Headlamp

When it comes to Search and Rescue, there are few tools that are used as consistantly as flashlights. But, no ONE flashlight is the “All” flashlight. When you need high power illumination, you generally need a had held light with many hundreds or even thousands of lumens along with long run times using 18650 batteries.  …

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